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ou don’t have to like 645AR. You don’t have to understand him. But you’re definitely going to take notice of him. The Bronx/Atlanta native is on a quick rise to the top, attracting folks with meme-like vocals that mimic those of Alvin & The Chipmunks. Standing at the forefront of a new squeak-rap movement, 645AR has been releasing new music with a loaded clip, dropping “In Love With A Stripper” last week and coming through today with “Yoga.”

Quotable Lyrics:

So much stacks just like Soulja
We them n***as and they told you
We some shooters, poppin’ like soldiers
I got racks, they stretch like yoga
Big ass Glock, it got a beam
Body drop, it’s droppin’ like lean
For that smoke, I am a fiend


645AR - Yoga (Official Audio)

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