Eminem – Fall

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One of the tracks that’s been getting a lot of early attention is “Fall,” which finds Em criticizing rap in general and calling out his former(?) Shady recording artist Joe Budden. “Somebody tell Budden before I snap/ He better fasten it, Or have his body bag get zipped/ The closest thing he’s had to hits/ Since smacking bitches,” he spits.

Take a close listen to the fire new song and let us know what you think. Record available on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Then give Album of the Year to somebody that no one’s ever even heard of
All I know is I wrote every single word of everything I ever murdered
Time to separate the sheep from goats
And I got no faith in your writers, I don’t believe in ghosts
When rap needed it most, I was that wing in that prayer
A beacon of hope, the B-I-R-D in the air
Somewhere, some kid is bumping this while he lip-syncs in the mirror
That’s who I’m doin’ it for, the rest I don’t really even care

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