Frank Ocean – Dear April (Side A – Acoustic)

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Dear Frank Oceans’s April” produced by Frank Ocean himself and Daniel Agedis slow-moving and acoustic-driven. P, over the course of the almost-4-minute song, Ocean talks  about a lover he used to know and how things have changed in time. It’s an emotional record, with the sounds  of the guitar adding to this feeling, while Ocean’s vocals become more distorted as the song progresses.

The song was included on Frank Ocean’s 7″ vinyl, which was initially available for pre-order purchase last year– and finally, just last week as we saw, those vinyls began making their way to the fans al over the globe.

Quotable Lyrics

You can take two strangers
Lead them left and right
At a certain place and time
Like you took these strangers
And our two strange lives
And made us new


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