JayDaYoungan – 38K (Facts)

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JayDaYoungan Releasing a new song called “38K (Facts)”, JayDaYoungan attempts to come out of this feud ahead of his rival. He begins the track by admitting that everything he spits on the record is factual, going on to insult YB’s close friend BBG Baby Joe before claiming that he messed around with one of Youngboy’s girls.

“I was laughing when your baby mama gagged all on my dick,” raps JayDaYoungan on this.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’ma speak on all the facts and tell this shit just how it is
I’m in my bag and n***as pissed and plus, he mad about a bitch
When I was fucking on his hoe he was steady asking me ’bout shit
Begging me to leave her ‘lone, this n***a acting like a bitch

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