Lil Baby – We Should Feat. Young Thug

Young Thug and Lil Baby split the first verse and also share the chorus. They mesh well together and sound enough alike, but different, to create a symbiotic flow. Thugger comes back and takes control of the second verse, dropping heartfelt bars about his homie being locked up. Thug almost outshines his partner on this one, but Lil Baby comes back and wraps up the third verse nicely.

Quotable Lyrics
My dawg just lost his dawg into the system, it got me fucked up
I can’t tell him nothin’ negative, so I told him he gon’ luck up
Had a bittersweet birthday, got a bad call in a Rolls truck (What?)
Red guts look watermelon and spaghetti and some ketchup (Hey)
All my niggas leavin’ me, this shit got me depressed (Woah)
Thought he was gon’ wreck the Maserati or the ‘Vette
But he on the yard with the old dawgs, they a wreck (Huh)
I missed a court call, what they said?

Author: ZuluBoss

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